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Throughout our history, Hammond Roto-Finish has adapted to new developments in manufacturing as well as pioneered many new innovations in the polish & buff and mass finishing sectors of manufacturing. Today, we are the clear leader across multiple industries with a wide range of capabilities for both robotic deburring and finishing (including painting) and are the company everyone looks toward for new applications in mass finishing for vibratory finishing, centrifugal energy, and the development of finishing processes. Click on an industry below to jump to it to learn more!

Additive Manufacturing  | Automotive | Ammunition & Firearms  | Aerospace  | Coin Blank Finishing  | Hardware & Hand tools | Medical


Additive Manufacturing is used widely in all industries. Once a simple prototyping method is now mainstream manufacturing for all types of applications for components that are similar to shapes and geometries we all recognize, to very elaborate designs that can only be created with this method. Using years of knowledge and experience Hammond Roto-Finish is able to deliver surface finishes and production rates to meet the demand.examples are;

  • Vibratory Mass Finishing
  • Centrifugal Disc Finishing
  • Centrifugal Barrel Finishing
  • Robotic Polishing, Buffing Part Trimming
  • Cleaning and Support Structure Removal



Hammond Roto-Finish produces numerous de-burring and finishing products for use in the automotive industry. From simple to highly advanced systems for reducing edge burrs, to fully automated systems for polishing and buffing surfaces for necessary surface finish. To highly advanced blasting and peening applications for valve bodies and fuel injector bodies.


  • Vibratory machinery
  • Automatic polishing systems
  • Robotic polishing systems
  • Recipro-Blast® for blasting and peening
  • Roto-Max® Centrifugal Finishing


Hammond Roto-Finish builds machinery and designs processes for finishing metal parts. The end result of our wide range of machines is a perfectly finished product – however the process by which this is achieved this is different for all. We have direct experience with all calibers of small arms ammunition up to 20 mm, as well as several sizes of ordinance. Our Spiratron®, Multi-Pass® and Roto-Max® machines are capable of processing a vast size range of product.  


For ammunition:

  • Vibratory mass finishing from 1 cubic foot to 100 cubic feet
  • Batch or continuous
  • Wet process and Dry process capability

For firearm components:

  • Deburring and surface finishing of frames, slides, barrels, magazines
  • Polishing and buffing systems


Hammond Roto-Finish offers ISO-accredited finishing services for Aero Engine and Air Frame components. Our state-of-the-art engineering lab is equipped to perform finishing trials on our client’s components to ensure the optimum surface finish is obtained – resulting in improved engine performance, decreased fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature margins and limited metal removal.


  • Robot Cell Integration for Belt Grinding and Buffing of Blades
  • Vibratory Tub Finishing for Large Blades
  • Vibratory Bowl Finishing for Blades
  • Vibratory Fixtured Bowl
  • Machines for Blisk and Casings
  • Versa-Flow Spin-Finish for Deburring and Surface Finishing of Blades 


The High Energy Roto-Max Revolution® centrifugal disc finisher with Up-flow® Technology is extremely well suited for the blank finishing industry. This patented technology creates a unique processing and separation package that delivers superior finishing and yields bright lustrous blanks. 


The flexible design allows additional equipment to be added to Roto-Max Revolution® to augment the finishing process. Automated load systems, vibratory or conveyor wash and rinse stations and corn cob media or hot air dryers can be added onto this base to provide many levels of production from simple batch processing to complete automation.


Hammond Roto-Finish Manufactures and supports grinding equipment as well as vibratory mass finishing machinery for producing pre-plate surface finishes for hand tools and hardware. We are experts in processes for media, accelerated chemistry plus development of new techniques for finishing difficult applications.


  • Vibratory Finishing equipment
  • Part loading and unloading equipment
  • Media
  • Compound
  • Process development
  • Buffing and polishing equipment
  • Robotic applications


Hammond Roto-Finish manufactures machinery and systems for several applications in the Orthopedic Implant industry. Almost all of our machinery that we manufacture has some type of application in the medical industry. Everything from simple vibratory deburring to centrifugal disc and centrifugal barrel applications are common applications for Mass finishing machinery. Advanced process applications for femoral components using Robot controlled part holding for Drag-Finish are also available from Hammond Roto-Finish.

With the extensive experience of our process lab, we have several applications for different media and processes from wet applications to dry polishing:

  • Vibratory Finishing
  • Centrifugal Disc
  • Centrifugal Barrel
  • Polishing and Buffing machinery
  • Spin-Finish Drag application