Vibratory Reline -

Vibratory Reline

Urethane Relining

Mass Finishing Machinery can produce extraordinary results on work pieces by removing burrs, producing a radius on an edge or corner, or by producing an exceptionally low ra surface finish. The machine produces the energy, but the energy is transferred by the polyurethane lining that is between the steel of the machine and the media compound. This layer will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced.


Hammond Roto-Finish specializes in relining and repairing our product line of machinery, as well as a wide variety of competitor machinery. We use premium grade polyurethanes in a range of durometers and colors to meet your specific application and needs.

Specialty Cast Parts

Cast Part Capabilities:
• Screens
• Drains
• Gates
• Media Plugs
• Seals
• Gaskets
• EOAT Boot
• Blast Masking
• Sheet Stock
• Urethane Patch Kits
• And Much More!

Our environmentally friendly, quality conscious relining process ensures that our customers will receive their unit back in a timely manner to minimize down time. Machine refurbishment is another service offered by Hammond Roto-Finish. Reline and rebuild of drive systems, gates, and repairs to fatigue cracks are also available on Vibratory Bowls and Tubs, as well as other Mass Finishing Machinery.

Relining Capabilities

Vibratory Tubs

Vibratory Bowls

Vibratory Bowls

Bowls & Spinners

Barrel & Lids

Hoppers & Pans