Abrasive Belt & Brush Finishing -

Polish, Buff, & Grind

Abrasive Belt & Brush Finishing Equipment

Operate Hammond Roto-Finish machines safely. Heed all our warnings that accompany various machines. The following are examples. (click to enlarge warning labels)

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Hammond Flat Finishers perform precision stock removal to .001 to .002 thousandths using coated abrasive belts such as Stainless Steel Tubing and can be fitted with nylon brush planetary heads for Fine Blanking 

Hammond OD Finishers  Buff, Brush  and Polish/Grind cylindrical parts. Even tapered and out of round parts will sail through  OD’s in tandem and work harmoniously with automatic material handling.

Hammond Roto-Finish Polishing & Buffing Lathes are used for a myriad of Wheel and Abrasive Belt applications, when purchased with Belt attachments.   Please read Hammond safety bulletins regarding offhand operations

The Universal Belt Grinding series of Abrasive Belt Grinders are built for hard work. These machines can be fitted with a Belt Attachments  and a  Floor Stand with integral dust collection.

Hammond Roto-Finish dry cyclone DusKolectors™  solve the dust and dirt problems for many industrial applications. From 500 to 5800 cfm, they can be used separately or as a small  system. Hammond can help with your design.  Light metal dusts such as aluminum and magnesium can be explosive. Read Hammond safety bulletins on this subject.