Dust Collection -

Dust Collection

Hammond Roto-Finish Independent DusKolectors™ solve the dust and dirt problem for isolated machines which can not be connected to a central dust collecting system or where no central system is available. Perfect for restricted spaces, the DusKolector™ draws the dirty air inside itself where the heavier particles are deposited in a dirt container. The air then goes through filters, which remove the finer particles, and the filtered air is then returned to the room. There is no waste of energy exhausting heated or cooled air to the outside of the building.


Depending on the application requirements many DusKolectors™ can be customized for best use. A Hopper Base is also available for any “55” model. It has a 34 cu. ft. cap., with sliding door and 30” high x 43” wide clearance for wheelbarrow unloading. Please contact our sales department for specific details.