Waste Treatment Equipment -

Waste Treatment Equipment


Waste treatment equipment technology utilizes the addition of liquid and/or powdered flocculants to remove the particulate contamination from the process fluid. This generates an optically clear solution for the most critical processing requirements or for discharge. Treatment or flocculant addition can be added to Roto-Fuge systems but are usually associated with the manual or automatic stand-alone style Waste Management systems.


Waste reduction, cost savings, and governmental compliance are driving forces to implement wastewater minimization processes. Hammond Roto-Finish offers a wide range of options to suit your processing requirements


The Process and Chemical experts at Hammond Roto-Finish have the answer for all of your wastewater applications. No matter what Waste Treatment system you choose, rest assured you are supported by one of the oldest and most respected finishing process companies in the world. Applications include:


– Wastewater treatment chemicals for Mass Finishing equipment

– Patented recirculation compounds for Mass Finishing

– Highly specialized additives for recirculation systems that replenish only the process consumed      elements of your fluid