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The RCB (Roto Centrifugal Barrel) is a centrifugal Barrel Finishing machine. The RCB has roots back to the very beginning of the Mass Finishing Process, tumbling barrels. Tumbling Barrels produce extraordinary results but they are slow and labor intensive. This is how and why Vibratory Mass Finishing took off and is still the Mass Finishing work-horse. An RCB has 4 smaller barrels mounted in 90 degree intervals around a rotating turret. The turret revolves and the barrels which are geared rotate in the opposite direction of the turret. This give a sliding motion to parts and media in the barrel, but there is an added advantage…gravity.  The RCB produces g-force, and up to several times the force of 1g. This allows the use of very small media or even dry process media to produce extraordinary finishes, or remove very difficult burrs from parts.